for Demolition

Introducing this patented, one-of-a-kind multipurpose pry tool. The multipurpose structure and design of the Quadbar will increase productivity and allow tackling large areas of demolition.

Made in Canada

About Quadbar Tools

Whether you are looking to demolish or salvage old materials, the Quadbar Pry Tool will work to your advantage.

This heavy-duty wrecking tool is an excellent assist for demolition or salvage work. The double-claw rocker head offers greater control and leverage than traditional bars. The twin blade design allows the tool to straddle joists, studs and trusses, and quickly lever material from them. End of the handle tapered for added pry assist.

quadbar tool

The 7″ blades are pointed at the toe to penetrate or wedge under material and toothed on top for grip. With a centralized joy stick that functions in multiple directions, while blades pivot on flat surfaces and when straddling its material.


Great for working on decks, fencing, flooring, shingles, or general dismantling. It performs all the usual functions and can also chop or pound material into submission. This multipurpose aggressive tool can also assist in disastrous situations. A real brute, but a rugged and versatile tool.




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Split Wood

Swing the Quadbar and with the weight of the tool and the pointed blades, wood splits easily.

Grip & Twist

The gap between the blades is perfect for straddling a piece of lumber then using the handle to twist the lumber from its fasteners.

Pulling Nails

Don’t grab your hammer. The Quadbar lets you pull nails with almost zero effort.

Bust & Break

Just like a sledge hammer, it has weight behind it that can be used to bust and break old studs, walls, floors and cabinets.


Salvage old hardwoods, wall panels or old windows using the rocker blades to slowly remove materials from fasteners with minimal damage.


The solid construction of the Quadbar

When to use the Quadbar Tool


Sometimes framing doesn’t always go as planned and the customer wants a wall moved, or the building inspector says a specific wall doesn’t pass inspection. Our patented crow bar makes it easy to make the change.

Home Renovations

Renovations are made simpler with the right tools. The Quadbar wrecking bar is the best way to remove unwanted walls to prepare for renovation plans.


If you are doing demolition on a daily basis, you know that the proper tools will save countless hours and money. We’ve seen it pay for itself in just one project!

Pallet Recycling

Pallets are often built with spiral nails. This makes taking them apart quite a chore. Our pry bar makes dismantling easy.

Removing Sheeting

Whether it’s on the floor, wall or roof, our crowbars work great to pry up and remove old plywood or OSB.

Deck Removal

Taking apart a deck is a lot of work. Our wrecking crowbar is built with a long handle for leverage and makes pulling apart boards easy-peasy.

Garage Demolition

Start with roof sheathing, trusses and then on to the walls. Taking down an old garage is easier with a multipurpose Quadbar.

Shed Removal

A hammer and gooseneck prybar isn’t going to cut it. Even with smaller projects, a heavy duty wrecking bar like the Quadbar is the best tool for the job.

Removing Siding

Long boards of wooden siding are hard to handle and remove with one person… unless you have our patented crowbar tool with prying capability.

Fence or Corral Removal

Take down that old fence and lift the posts right out of the ground with the leverage from a Quadbar crowbar tool.

Removing Hardwood

Want to know how to remove hardwood flooring? Hardwoods are no match for a Quadbar. In fact, it will help remove the flooring so it can be repurposed!

Removing stumps

This wrecking bar will assist in the removal of stubborn tree and shrub roots. Swing it into the dirt and use the lever handle to force the root up, out of the ground.

Wood Splitter Tool

Comes in Two Sizes.

Safety Disclaimer

Caution should be practiced when using The Quadbar Tool. User should wear the appropriate safety gear such as, safety goggles, steel-toed boots, a hard hat, gloves and dust mask if needed.

What the Quadbar Tool Replaces:



pry bar


sledge hammer

Sledge Hammer



claw hammer

Claw Hammer