Demolition Tools

Whether you are looking to demolish or salvage old materials, the Quadbar Pry Tool will work to your advantage.

This heavy-duty wrecking tool is an excellent assist for demolition or salvage work. The double-claw rocker head offers greater control and leverage than traditional bars. The twin blade design allows the tool to straddle joists, studs and trusses, and quickly lever material from them. End of the handle tapered for added pry assist.

Our Story

One day, when I was much younger, I was taking down an old building. It took much longer than it should have. I was using a popular store bought pry bar, but living with chronic health issues, working with the tool was stressful and awkward.

I knew there had to be a better tool for the job, but I couldn’t find a tool that did it all. So I decided I was going to design and create my own!

I started to envision what the product would look like. It had to be easy-to-use with very little human effort and a variety of different tasks in one single tool.

What you see today is a product that went through numerous design changes to improve functionality and versatility. We believe we have perfected the Quadbar tool from its arched rocker blades with precise spacing, metal teeth, and pointed tips to its long, lever handle that operates as a fulcrum to pivot and apply force.

I hope that you find as much use in this multi-purpose tool as I have. In fact, it’s so durable, you may find yourself handing it down to your children or grandchildren.

– Clifford Gjerde,

Designer & Founder of Quadbar

Multi Purpose:

The vision for the perfect wrecking bar tool has come to fruition and is my legacy.